Pathaways Home 2 Grant

Pathways Home 2 Grant

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Pathways Home 2 provides workforce development and educational opportunities for justice involved individuals. The program will help individuals pre-and post-release to enhance their job skills or education, find and maintain employment, and financial assistance with support services, as they pertain to their program goals, in transitioning back to their communities.

Who is eligible?

  • Individuals who are 18+;
  • Individuals who have between 20-180 days remaining until their exit from the institution;
  • Individuals releasing to Rock, Grant, Green, Iowa, Richland, or Lafayette counties;
  • Individuals who have been convicted (including those in the institution for revocation, sanctions, or ATRs);
  • Individuals who are residing in an eligible institution, including DOC, county jail, EMP/Home Confinement, or Federal halfway house or State Residential Reentry Center.

What services are offered pre- and post- release?

  • Career services, including resume assistance, job preparation, job search assistance, and referral to local employers;
  • Skills assessments;
  • Financial assistance for pre-release training and upskilling opportunities. Including, tuition, books, and fees.
  • Service referrals, including housing, legal, benefits, and other workforce programming.
  • Financial assistance for support services as they relate to program goals, including childcare, transportation, uniforms, tools and equipment, utilities, housing, and vehicle repairs.

For more information, or to make a referral:

Marcia Galvan
Special Projects Supervisor
(608) 921-0251

PATHWAYS HOME 2 DOC Participant Brochure

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